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Inspection Line

Quality demand is growing every year and required level of quality assurance and automated production process is becoming higher and higher.
Under the various inspection systems such as imaging test, sensor measurement, displacement measurement, weighing, temperature measurement, resistance measurement, leak test, we ensure the quality and support the automation.
And we also provide a testing equipment which criteria doesn't vary depending on the inspectors, provide a in-line inspection system for wide range of industries' production facilities.
The function of the traceability is also being highly appreciated by customers.


Imaging Inspection System

Using the Imaging Inspection System,

we help improving your plant.
"Want to decrease inspection labor?"

"Want to improve your products quality?"
Do you have these troubles in your production process?
Under the inspection system using cameras, unmanned- and speeding up are possible.
The system meets the inspection needs, and less human labor and speeding up in a inspection process are being appreciated by customers.


Automatic Sorting Line

During the products conveying, imaging inspection, weight measurement and noise measurement are conducted and sorting and labeling are automatically completed based on the inspection results.
By the system control, inspection results are controled by data. Therefore our high-speed and secured Quality Control is being appreciated by customers.
Focus on sorting for a long time when done by human labor would be strenuous, but instead Automatic Sorting Line provides stable Quality Control and Sorting.

Inspection Facilities for medical-use bottles

During the automating transport, suitable inspections are conducted such as imaging inspection, weighing inspection, leak test, dimensional inspection, checking two-dimensional code, temperature measurement and more.

Alignment of Images

Using screen images, high-accuracy positioning and alignment are possible.
During the process, position information of products is imported by camera image and products are aligned by our unique technology.
Thus you can see the high-accuracy position information which enables high-accuracy process in post-process.
It makes high-quality products.


Software Technology and Development

Self-developed Software for Galvano Scanner is one of our high processing technology acquired in Laser System Field.
In order to realize high-quality laser processing, it is necessary to have a software that enables high-speed positioning control.
We developed the Software for many people who utilize lasers.

Actual Performance in existing facilities

・Image Inspection ・Laser Sensor Measurement ・Displacement Measurement ・Leak Test
・Noise Measurement ・Temperature Measurement ・Resistance Measurement ・Weighing Measurement
・Bar Code Authentication ・Crack Inspection ・Printing/Reading Inspection ・Fruits Grading